When people are going through a difficult time, such as feeling sad, angry, anxious, or overwhelmed, they often feel more supported when they talk to a therapist.  If you are feeling that you need help sorting out your emotions or reacitons, finding solutions to your problems, or want to feel understood, therapy can help. Therapy is a process where you can discover more about yourself, find ways to overcome difficulties, develop inner strengths, and/or make changes in your life as well as in yourself.

Therapy involves talking, listening, building trust, receiving guidance and support, and learning new insights and skills. Trust is essential to therapy as it involves being open and honest about sensitive and often difficult topics such as your feelings and thoughts, relationships, disappointments, and dreams and wishes. Taking the first step and finding the right therapist can be a difficult decision.  It takes a lot of courage to seek help with problems instead of ignoring or hiding them. 

I work with adults and adolescents, ages 13 to 19, in individual therapy. I also work with couples for marital or relationship issues. Please click on the links to the right to learn more about these services.

I have specialized training in psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies. I tailor my therapeutic techniques specifically to the needs of each client.  I believe in having open and honest communication with clients as this helps build trust and promote progress. I work collaboratively and in a nonjudgmental manner to help empower my clients. It is my belief that people possess the ability to access their own strengths to overcome obstacles in their life and it is my role to assist in that process. 

Clinical Services

Jessica R. Schwarting, Psy.D.
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